Friday, February 26, 2010

26th Feb

The day was well balanced for all the fifth graders. We looked into the influence that ancient civilizations have on us. We did this by doing a comparative study between the Indus Valley civilization and the Modern India. Each child made a Venn diagram individually and then all the ideas were put together as a single Venn diagram for the entire class. Picture included.

In math, along with discussing the previous day's work, the children got more practice for division of mixed fractions. Again, this was done in groups, according to the prior knowledge and understanding of the children.

We have begun a project in Language today: The children will create a novel of their own. They will go through the stages of this over the next couple of weeks. They began today by analyzing the different genres and identifying the ones that they would like to focus on.

Here is a video of the girls dancing to a Punjabi tune during the Dance class.

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