Thursday, February 18, 2010

18th Feb

The children got an opportunity today to portray their presentation skills to Ms. Monita from Indus International School, Bangalore. They explained to her how they made their story board. She also talked to them about their unit of Inquiry. She was indeed glad to see their enthusiasm and ability to make connections and gave some very positive feedback.

Our new unit is Ancient Valley Civilizations and we will be focusing on the Indus Valley Civilization first. There was a lucky draw today and the children have been grouped to work on different aspects of the civilization. They have to find answers to:
* What is the culture like of the Indus Valley Civilization?
* What are the inventions and Discoveries by the Indus Valley Civilization?
* What systems were in place by the Indus Valley Civilization?
* What are the other interesting facts of the Indus Valley Civilization?

In addition to this, the groups will also speak about the impact these aspects have on the modern society. Our central idea is "Contributions by the ancient Civilizations have shaped the modern society".

In English, we learnt a lot about 'Etymology' today. The children watched a very interesting video on the origin of the English language. We also had a quiz followed by this.

We also dealt with parts of wholes in fractions. A grid paper was used to make them understand the concept. They were then asked to discover a way to solve problems of this type using the four basic operations. This triggered their critical thinking skills and made them realize that there can be many ways to solve a problem.

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