Tuesday, February 9, 2010

8th Feb

The children continued to work on their story boards today. After making houses for themselves in their 'joyland', today they focussed on other basic needs: Food, occupation, leisure for children, etc. Hence 'adult males' made a farm, the 'adult females' made a kitchen with a fireplace and utensiles. They used their clay modelling skills for the same. A play ground was made by the 'children' in the family. The Art teacher Ms. Kruthi also guided them with ideas and tips about appropriate use of materials. ven in Drama, the children did role plays based on the story board.

In math we resumed fractions by learning about 'common denominators' with blocks.
There was also the Hindi assembly today about Republic day. The fifth graders also participated.

Her are some pictures and videos from the day:

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