Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3rd Feb

Today was an absolute 'happening' day for the 5's. They got feedback for their summative assessments. Each child got feedback from three peers (one peer of their choise, one volunteer judge and one teacher choice). We also reflected on the unit.

InMath, there was competition between two groups. They had to pick chits on which random objects to be measured were written. For example: Height of the cupboard, Length of the pencil, etc. The group that finished maximum number of measurements won the competition.

In Language, the children learnt 'picture analysis'. They were asked to analyze a picture given to them.

(Above) Anirudh measuring the height of the cupboard.
Choi and Sandeep measuring the distance from Ground floor to first floor.
The girls sitting together to do their unit refelections.
Srishtee and Neha exchanging feedback.
Sandeep and Niteesh analyzing a brochure.

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