Monday, January 18, 2010

18th Jan

We warmly welcome two new additions to our class... Natalie and Loren - A bubbly pair of twins from Texas.

The most enjoyed activity for the 5s today was the 'Exchange Please' game in math. A fraction was written on the board. Each child was given a number each. They had to find the correct equivalent fraction corresponding to the number they have got. When they are done, they need to say 'Exchange Please!' and exchange numbers with their class mates. A prize was given to the child with the maximum number of combinations.

In UOI, the children read out the letters they wrote on 'A Drought in my town'. We discussed the causes for droughts. The children also read out the articles they have collected on 'Floods' and we watched and discussed a photo story.

In English Language, we read and comprehended an article on Droughts.

Other than this, we brushed through the PowerPoint Presentation on the Leadership camp.

Please feel free to ask us about anything you want to more about.

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