Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5th and 6th Jan


Yesterday, the first day of school, was more to do with reflections and discussions. The children typed reports on their vacation using MS Word. These were edited by the teachers . Their current unit of inquiry is "Natural disasters". The children are divided into groups of four and have been given a disaster to become experts in. Yesterday, the children also made mind maps of what they have learnt so far in the unit. The math puzzles that each child found out over the vacation were solved by the rest of the class.

Today, the prior knowledge of the children related to "Fractions" (new topic in math) was assessed by using a graphic organizer called the "concentric circles". They had group conferences where in each child shared his/her findings with the rest of the group.

Moving on to the star topic: "PYP Exhibition".
The Exhibition is nothing but another Unit of inquiry! The difference lies in the way in which it is carried out. In this unit, the children decide their own central idea and take complete responsibility towards planning for the unit. The learning outcome of all the children is demonstrated on the last day of the unit, which is the actual 'Exhibition'. This is done in many forms: Music, Dance, Drama, PowerPoint Presentations, Visual art, etc.. More information will be shared with you regarding this as the days progress.

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  1. Love your Blog grade 5, Looks like you are true inquirers! Keep it up!
    From your fellow eagles at Bangalore!